Observatory of Interdisciplinary Research on Contemporary Turkey (OBTIC) is an association founded in Paris by a group of researchers affiliated to diverse academic institutions in France (such as Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Institut des Sciences Politiques, Université de Paris I, etc.). Its main purpose is to contribute to the multi-disciplinary scientific research on Contemporary Turkey. It aims to share with the international academic community, the researches at work as an asset; to organise conferences and workshops; and to make academic publications. Having the scientific thinking as its sole source of inspire, it remains out of the scope of any political tendency, ideology or political party.


Our organisation has the purpose to create an international network of researchers who will stay in touch and be kept aware of the academic activities on Turkey thanks to its web site facilities. All the researcher-members, living in or out of France , are invited to affiliate to our association, to subscribe to the web site and to have their personal web pages including a summary of their works and interest areas.